What I Do

Welcome. I’m Dara. I am a hands-on product design leader. My journey has been quite diverse. I’ve dabbled in everything from design and coding to computer science. Plus, I've got some experience with science research too. When it comes to solving problems, I like to think about what value I can add. customer needs are always at the forefront of my designs. And I’m all about planning and executing with a healthy balance of being big-picture vs. detail oriented. I'm currently interested in working with domain experts, assisting them in digitizing complex workflows through design, innovation, and iteration.

What I’m Doing Now

I’m currently with Beyond Limits, an AI company that holds propritory tech developed for NASA's Mars Rover. We are focused on energy and manufactoring sectors. My job is designing the blueprint, archietcing the user experience, and crafting interaction models for a suite of software products and solutions, including a hybrid AI platform. I work closely with our engineering and product managers—embodying the trifecta model—to make sure our product decisions are feasible, viabile, and desirable. I’m also involved with an internal pedagogical work involving product discovery and design topics.

What I Used To Do

For about ten years, I was the sole designer at UCLA Human Perception Lab and Insight Learning Technology, where I also juggled roles as a developer and product specialist. At the lab, I was part of R&D in edtech and science, with projects backed by the US Department of Education and National Science Foundation. I helped students and scholars run experiments for research on visual perception, cognition, and learning. At the company, I spearheaded the end-to-end design of a platform for the US Department of Defense and was crucial in developing a suite of medical education products. The output of our collective efforts included learning systems, SaaS elements, and web and mobile apps and the outcome, sustaining a small tech company.

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