(Case Study In-development)
This web app helps you learn names and associate them to portraits of persons; your coworkers, employees, teachers, or students. You can create and practice different faces/names—grouped separately—and share them with your team.

The Ask

It takes a long time for new hires to know everyone in the company. Given the effectiveness of our technology, a law firm approached us to create a unique solution for this problem: a module that lets people learn and practice remembering names by mapping them to faces.

My Role

Create a trimmed-down version of a more complex project, and make it a fit for onboarding processes. Design and build quick and easy user interfaces that allow anyone to create problems (faces) and practice mapping them to names. Introduce highly accessible brand colors. Provide responsive front-end templates that work across devicess.

The Results

Awaiting its official release, this snappy and fun product makes remembering people's names easy. Instructors at UCLA, avid sports fans, and various employee groups at big firms have used this highly effective tool to practice recalling names.